Big Challenge

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The Big Challenge

This year 68 of our students took part in a big English competition called The Big Challenge.
The knowledge about the English culture, vocabulary, grammar and more was tested online on the 27th of April. More than thousands of students all over Europe took part in the competition.
The participants were able to achieve 350 points.

Here you will see the results:
1a: Sophie (251), Swantje (250), Diana (240)
1b: Marcel (232), Clemens (208), Niklas (206)
2a: Stefan (287), Daniel (266), Markus (241)
3a: Sarah (242), Marcel (227), Georg (206)
4a: Douye (271), Thomas (218), Lukas (196)
4b: Annika (225), Dominic (221), Andi (181)

Stefan Pock from year 2 had the best result of all schoolmateswith 287 points.

Congratulations to all of you!!!

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