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Vinzi Nest – a place for derelicts

VinzinestOn May, 8th, 2012 our class went to Graz. There we wanted to visit the "Vinzi-Nest". It is a house, where people, who don´t have a home can stay for the night. There we met a man of the management. I think it is very nice, how helpful the manager is, because the derelicts must fight to stay alive. Since last year begging is not allowed in Graz, so the people tried to find another way to get money. Now they sell newspapers, which were made by themselves. Why are they not allowed to beg?  I think it is not a bad thing, because most of them have really no money.

Between 6 and 10 o’clock p.m. the people can come and ask for a bed. All derelicts in Graz can stay at the Vinzi Nest for the night. Some of them must sleep on the floor or on the tables, because they don´t have enough beds for them. But the people are happy, that they don't have to sleep under a bridge or next to the street.

In the winter there are more people, who want to sleep in the Vinzi-Nest as in the summer.

In the house they are not allowed to drink alcohol, to smoke or to play cards. They can watch TV, when they want, but they must agree, what they watch, because there is only one TV. Women and men are sleeping separately.

I think it was a good experience to see how they live. As a present we gave them some towels and soon we will give them some bed linen.

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