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In our curriculum of class 4 (8th year) we had an intensive time to deal with Fascism, dictatorship, Nazi time and World War II.

So the students watched some video documentations about the Thirties and Forties, and finally the movie “The boy in the striped Pyjamas”. All the students wrote texts about their impressions and emotions about this film in German. Some tried to translate them into English, which was very difficult for them. You can find them in the Comenius Forum.

Lager AflenzWe also visited a satellite camp of KZ Mauthausen (Concentration Camp Mauthausen). It was situated near Leibnitz (15 km from St. Georgen).
Our guide was Mr. Franz Trampusch, an eye witness of this time. Today you will not find many remains from the camp, but a huge tunnel system of a limestone quarry. The Celts and then Romans used it to break high quality stones for buildings and artifacts. It was used all the times until today and so this limestone quarry is one of the oldest always used quarries of the world.
In the World War II a large factory for engines of airplanes and tanks was assembled in this tunnel system to protect it from bombing by the allied forces.
At this time the 10 years old Mr Trampusch lived directly beside the main entrance with his mother and his sister (8 years old).

Read also the report of Michael Neubauer about this visit on this page!

After the Nazis left the area the Soviet army came and the suppression went on.

When Mr Trampusch grew up he got secretary of the labour union, mayor of Wagna (a small town) and deputy of state parliament for many years. He always worked against suppression and injustice. Today he is retired and tells people the story of this concentration camp.

A six minutes video about the “Römersteinbruch” (Roman Qarry) with Franz Trampusch in German



Roman quarry (by Michael Neubauer, 4a)

On Thursday, January 26th we went to the roman quarry. At first, Mr Trampusch told us something about the Celts and the Roman. Then we went into the tunnel. There we saw some pictures of prisoners and maps which showed us the area around the quarry. Mr Trampusch showed us some drawings which were made by the Jews. Mr. Trampusch was a young boy during the Second World War. He saw when the Nazis killed the prisoners. Once, his mother saw, that a Jew ate a few leaves from a plum tree because he was so hungry. The Nazis killed this Jew, and Mr Trampuschs mother was very shocked. She talked to people from the village what had happened there. The Nazis set her in prison. But she was lucky and got free again. They told her, “Be quiet or we will kill your son.” From that day, every time when they killed a prisoner, they cought the ten years old Mr Trampusch. He had to be eye witness of the execution by shooting or striking to death. After twenty executions he couldn’t count further on.
After that story he showed us another part of the tunnel. It was a very interesting day and we learnt a lot.

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