Le Goff tells the history of Europe

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Die 2. Klasse las das erste Kapitel aus Jacques LeGoffs Buch "Le Goff erzählt die Geschichte Europas". In Gruppenarbeit entstanden dabei kreative Projekte. Hier ist das erste:

"Eine Reise durch Europa" - umgesetzt in Form eines Bilderbuches.

Class 2 read the first chapter of LeGoff's book "Le Goff tells the European history". In small groups the students made their own creative projects. Here is the first one:

1) "A journey around Europe" - the text was retold in a picture storybook.

To the storybook

2) A drama written and performed by a  group of students.

3) 4 Animations made with "Animasher" - Christian and Florian

We are sorry, the animations are not available for the moment.


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